looking after your cello

The instrument

Find a good luthier to check your instrument regularly. Is your bridge at the right height? Is it warped? Strings at the wrong height can be painful or drive you nuts.

If your cello works, you will rarely turn your pegs (unless you use gut strings). cello head graphic Factory built cellos are sprayed with varnish which gets into the peg holes, rather than going on just the body. If the varnish is not removed, your pegs may not hold. The pegs may not be the correct size for the hole anyway, and the hole may not be the right measurement either which all adds up to a problem. This is a common occurrence and pegs plus holes need attention from time to time as a matter of course. If you have a problem, don't put up with it. You can be injured badly by tuning as the weights on the strings are huge. Turning a slippery peg on the A string has you lifting against a pull of 21.75 kilos through one arm! Don't go there!

There is an excellent book on the violin family and how string instruments work by Sir James Beament. It is called The Violin Explained and is an Oxford University Publication.

Also see the excellent & highly detailed Cello Care Guide [a 4MB free download] by Robin Aitchison and Sarah Mnatzaganian. See my links page for contact details.

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